Thursday, October 20, 2005

Duncan Webster attacks treatment of King's Park estate residents

Islington South Deputy Chairman Duncan Webster has continued Islington Conservatives attack upon the Council's treatment of leaseholders now facing huge repair bills. In a letter to the Islington Tribune, Duncan writes:

Dear Sir,

The quality of repairs carried out upon the King’s Park estate by HfI is unacceptable. I have been shown windows that have been left unfinished, their glass cracked and frames warped. The standard of painting is at best shoddy. In one case, the Council had been notified of the disrepair in 1995, but still have done nothing!
I am worried that HfI are still employing the company, United House, to carry out repairs despite knowing the poor quality of their substandard work. Not only are resident’s concerns are going unheard, but the Council seems unwilling to learn from their mistakes. There needs to be a proper and more competitive system of tenders, with more say for the residents- after all, it’s them who have to live with the consequences.

Yours sincerely,

Duncan Webster
Deputy Chairman
Islington South Conservatives

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