Friday, March 23, 2007

Association AGM

After a busy few weeks with ward Annual General Meetings, last night Islington Conservatives held their annual general meeting.

At a well attended meeting, new officers were elected as follows:
President: Boris Johnson MP
Chairman: Duncan Webster
Deputy Chairman (Membership): Patricia Napier
Deputy Chairman (Campaigning, South): Simon Toms
Deputy Chairman (Campaigning, North): Chris Skidmore
Vice Chairman (South): Kim Anderson
Vice Chairman (North): Paul Newman

After the formal review of the accounts, etc, members enjoyed a glass of wine and some friendly discussions.

As the new Chairman of Islington Conservatives, I want to thank Margaret Reese, the outgoing Chairman for her hard work and I look forward to working with all Islington Conservatives's members and supporters as well as with the residents of the borough.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Wine Tasting Photos

Dear all,

I have just put some photos from our recent wine tasting on the CF blog. Enjoy!