Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blackpool arrival

Yesterday attendees started to arrive at Blackpool for the party conference. This year Islington Conservatives will be represented by around 15 members and residents.

The conference proper didn't start until today and I will write about today later. However yesterday the National Convention met, in a very useful meeting. I hadn't attended the National
Convention previously and its essentially the time when all the Association chairmen meet, along with the regional officers.

We had some useful presentations from senior members of the convention and then briefings from George Osborn and Caroline Spelman. George covered the election planning made by the Party. As some of it was obviously sensitive info, I won't write anymore on it but happy to tell people!

Quite surprisingly David Cameron came and gave a good pep talk too.

It will be an excellent conference!

blackpool arrival

Friday, September 07, 2007


Last week it was revealed in the Islington Local papers that Emily Thornberry had been less than helpful to her resident's needs, and now it has reached the Daily Mail.

Tenants' fury as husband of labour MP buys the home she vowed to save:

[Emily Thornberry] a human rights lawyer, made great play of her efforts to protect affordable housing - once campaigning with the slogan 'social housing for all, not luxury flats for the wealthy'.

But their faith in 47-year-old Miss Thornberry is now under strain after they discovered that her husband, who is a judge as well as a QC, had bought one of the properties.

Islington CF Wine Tasting

Jacob Gaffney of, has just posted a review of our last wine tasting on

Monday, September 03, 2007

Our Recent Events

Over the past week or so we have had two really well and successful events, as we are not always out campaigning, especially over summer bank holidays!

On the 24th August, Islington CF had a really fun wine tasting on Middle Eastern wines. We sampled a good mix of Israel’s and Lebanon’s wines. We were led by writer, Jacob Gaffney and the wines were supplied by Illi Adato from the After a few hours of wine tasting, and good conversation a number of members went off to The House in Canonbury and then, I understand, a few even made it on to Fabric.

Then on last Saturday we had a more subdued affair, with a Summer Garden Party, held at the kind invitation of Martine and Peter Oborne in Highbury Fields. Four members kindly baked scones and cakes and these were washed down with tea and followed by a glass of Pimms. Chris Skidmore, Deputy Chairman, donated a signed copy of his book on Edward VI: The Lost King of England.

If you are interested in attending our future events then please contact the Association.