Friday, February 23, 2007

Carbon challenge

Deputy chairman of membership, Patricia Napier, has started reporting on how she is trying to meet the Carbon Challenge that is facing us all. She is blogging as part of the Quality of Life Challenge. If you want to read her posts please visit the Carbon Challenge.

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Newmania said...

I`m throwing another socialist on the fuire in support of the carbon challenge imperitive.

Personally I think the enviromental is 80% bollocks , 15% image and maybe just a tiny bit of a worry. I have blogged about it at length and would appreciate an opportunity to put the sceptic case to a supplicant.

I cannot support a plan to pick on drivers ,remove travel from the working class, increase legilative control and taxes not to say begin a sort of world governemnt . UN ? Terrific why not hand over government directly to criminals