Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our GLA Candidate

Following the announcement on our website about GLA seats being open for applicants, I was wondering who would you want to run in Islington for the London North East GLA Seat?

Do you want one of our members to run, perhaps Paul Newman or Chris Skidmore? Would you want a former candidate to run, perhaps John Moss (Hackney South, 2005) or Melanie McLean (Islington South, 2005)? or would you want someone random to run!?


Anonymous said...

Why we do not have any Councillor in the Islington Council? I am going to apply for the seat and will win for the Party.

Atiq Malik

Duncan Webster said...

Dear Atiq,

Are you a councillor? We are all too aware of our current position in Islington and are stiving to correct the situation. However we were heartened by increasing the Conservative vote in Islington Borough elections from 4000 in 2002 to 14000 in 2006. Next time we will take some seats for certain.

If you are applying for the London North East GLA seat, Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Duncan,

Yes, I am a Councillor (Queensbury Ward London Borough of Brent). We won three seats back from Labour in May 2006. The ward was a labour stronghold since 1998.

I am confident that I can bring in new votes from Waltham Forest and Hackney that are crucial to win the seat.

Thanks for your kind wishes.

Mobile: 07809 341 379