Sunday, February 11, 2007

Will more LibDems join Islington Conservatives?

Yesterday Islington resident and well regarded columnist and broadcaster, Peter Oborne, wrote a column about David Cameron's Conservatives attracting both LibDem and Labour MPs, Peers and activists with our reformed policies. The article was picked up by both ConservativeHome:Team Cameron are wooing and Guido Fawkes:Osborne Tried to Lure LibDem.

In Islington Conservatives we have experienced our own positive defections last year, when Cllr Dave Barnes in Highbury East joined our party prior to the 2006 Council Elections. Over the past twenty years, he had been a Labour, LibDem and Independent councillor, but was engaged by Cameron's compassionate conservatism.

Do you think more Islington LibDems or Labour supporters will join the Conservative Party? As Peter Oborne wrote, Lord Adonis, the Labour Peer and Islingtonian could be one of the switchers, do you think he would join us to ensure schools reforms are continued?

You can read most of Peter Oborne's recent columns online here.

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