Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Conservative Policies

Today in London Lite 'John from N1' wrote a brief letter into the paper:
"Enough about cannabis smoking! What are the Tory policies on everything else? There's an election coming up, don't you know!

As policies are a vital issue for residents in our borough, I just thought I would write a brief post about Islington Conservatives policies. At the last election in Islington (the 2006 Council Elections), our policies were summarised as:
  • a Safer Islington
  • Putting Islington’s children first
  • A fairer Islington
  • A greener Islington
  • More value for your money
  • Restoring communities
  • Commonsense parking
(More details on our local policies are on our website).

To be honest, our policies haven’t really changed much from that position on a local level. Since David Cameron was elected leader of the Conservative Party, he has opened up the debate on all our policies, and invited figures to assist with the party’s policy rejuvenation through Policy Groups, and indeed many of our members are assisting. For example, Patricia Napier, our Deputy Chairman of Membership, is assisting the Carbon Challenge and Ruben Lee from St George's ward is helping explore ways to tackle Deregulation.

If you want to read more about the Conservative Party’s Policy Groups to see how the Conservative Party is looking to address the challenges the UK faces, click here. Also if you are in Islington member and want to become involved in setting policy locally or nationally, we regularly run Conservative Policy Forums, with the next hopefully having many of the Conservative London Mayoral Candidates along.

But I do have to make a point about 'there are elections coming up', at the moment there are not any scheduled for central London this year - but we will see if/when Gordon is crowned PM.

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